Billionaires Snapback & Let’s Rage Tank Top giveaway!!!

August 8th, 2013 by

NEW GIVEAWAY! Billionaires Apparel teamed up with Let’s Rage Clothing to give away 1 of their dope snapbacks and 1 of Let’s Rage’s tank tops! Enter now at

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Happy Shark Week Ya’ll!

August 5th, 2013 by

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It’s that magical time of the year where we get to sit comfortably infront of our televisions and witness 2,000 lb Great Whites tear helpless divers to pieces. This is nature in all it’s glory, and we’re pretty damn pumped about it. To celebrate, we’ve launched a hyper colorful Shark Attack shirt in the Let’s Rage store. We’ve also paid homage to our favorite aquatic fellow, Steve Zissou from Life Aquatic, aptly titled Chill Murray. Peep em both in the Let’s Rage store!

We Interviewed Secrets on Vans Warped Tour

July 31st, 2013 by


Let’s Rage: Aaron (Unclean Vocals) has recently been thrown into the mix. What about Aaron made him stand out and make him a good fit for Secrets?

Secrets: We know Aaron from a California band he was in call Arthur & Finisher. He’s always been a awesome dude and a phenomenon screamer so he was perfect.

Let’s Rage: What song on Fragile Figures are you most proud of?

Secrets: Really all of them. They’re like are children. We love them all equally.

Let’s Rage: Why should people listen to Secrets?

Secrets: Because we bring something new to the scene that we think people well enjoy.

Let’s Rage: Any plans for the fall? Anything you can hint at for us?

Secrets: We have nothing set in stone yet but we know its going to be a lot of touring. And a music video.

Let’s Rage: What can fans expect in Secrets’ future?

Secrets: Touring parts of the world we haven’t tour yet…hopefully the moon.

Let’s Rage: Richard, one of the songs on the album was from an older project you had going on. How did you decide to incorporate that into the album?

Secrets: I been wanted to release it for 3 years but never did. The end of the album needed something so it was a perfect opportunity.

Let’s Rage: What songs off the new album are your favorite to perform live?

Secrets: How We Survive and Infinite Escape are awesome.

Let’s Rage: What bands have you been checking out at Warped?

Secrets: Letlive, of course, Go Radio, Echo Smith and BMTH.

Let’s Rage: Was the writing process different for this album?

Secrets: Not as hard as the first album. We’re better at it now and were not as stressed out, which I think you can hear.

Let’s Rage: What is your favorite way to rage?!

Secrets: Beer, bitches and lot of drugs!!! Nah just joking. Mostly BBQ sauce and honey mustard.

Interviewed by Blake Cordeiro and Brooke Daly


Secret’s Official Website

Secrets Facebook

We’re hiring! Looking for an Accountant and Interns!

July 30th, 2013 by

Greetings, Ragers! We have a few exciting opportunities open to the right people!

Let’s Rage is seeking an Accountant with interests and/or past experience in the entertainment and music industry to work part time one day a week.


  • Associates’ Degree in Business or Accounting or other subject matter with 1-3 years of relevant work history (BA /BS in Business, Accounting, or other subject with relevant working history preferred)
  • Proficient Knowledge of Quickbooks
  • Advanced Knowledge of Excel
  • Work in AP, AR, or across the general ledger
  • Comfortable making general ledger entries
  • Able to handle Accounting tasks (biweekly payroll, 1099/W2/W4/W9, some tax knowledge, document generation/editing)
  • Process check runs
  • Manage banking & insurance relationships
  • Comfortable with both paper-based and paperless systems of payment
  • Able to learn new software with limited training across both Mac and PC platforms
  • Comfortable working in formal & informal environments while maintaining focus
  • Limited weekend availability for first 2 months for training purposes. You will be training with the current admin to keep the business up to speed during the transition process.
  • Casual workplace attire

Compensation: Competitive salary with experience.

If you think you’d be a good fit for us, please fill this out: Accounting Application, along with a resume and cover letter to

In addition, we are also seeking to hire some quality interns this fall! All positions are open but priority will be given to the following: event management, merchandising, accounting, graphic design, social media, and marketing.

To be considered for an internship, tell us a bit about yourself and send a resume and cover letter to!

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

-The Let’s Rage Team